Sunday, September 20, 2009

* UAAP 72 Beach Volley DLSU [w] finished 3rd place

It was already the semi finals of the UAAP 72 Beach Volley for womens so me and a friend decided to watch the games at UE Caloocan, Woke up around 5:30am and prepared because I'm coming from Laguna, good thing it was not traffic because it's a Sunday and I arrived around 9am.

First game for the women's division was the battle of the third (DLSU) and fourth (UST) placer, Winner will move to the next game against the second placer (FEU).

DLSU started strong using their height advantage but UST fought back and later in the set DLSU had several service errors but they were able to get the win for the first set 21-17.
Second set was really for DLSU,Cha Cruz scored 4 straight with her serves that UST thought is going outside, with the help of Jacq Alarca's powerful spikes and Cha Cruz blocks they easily won the second set 21-11

DLSU moved to the next round against FEU, they are given a 15 minute break before the next game, DLSU Lady Spikers current players (Camille Cerveza, Steph Mercado, Kaye Martinez) including rookies and previous players (Saet, Datuin and Hernandez) was also watching and supporting the team.

With the momentum on their side DLSU started strong again for the first set winning it 21-9
Second set started and FEU fought back with their saves and countering DLSU's errors winning the second set 19-21

Third set was a close game but DLSU I think is already tired from the the first game and they had alot of errors on this set and FEU took advantage of it winning the set against DLSU 12-15.

Win or Lose I'm still a DLSU fan and supporter. Animo La salle, wishing you luck in the incoming games :)

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