Monday, September 14, 2009

* Cosmania 2009

I have work Saturday from 9pm - 6am and I was invited by my co-workers invited me to hangout in his new house and also for me to check his place and I obliged to join and stay till 10:30am. I got home around 11am and I am still sleepless, I feel sleepy and tired already and still went online to check my facebook, twitter, plurk and multiply account for updates. I rest for a bit then prepared myself and went to SM Megamall. I slept in the bus on my way to Mega, I arrived around 2pm and meet my friend Ralph in the megatrade hall.

We started taking photos of the cosplayers outside the megatrade hall because there is alot of them. Saw familiar faces and new ones for both cosplayers and photographers. I went inside and the ticket is 100 bucks, I can say well it's not that worth it because nothing much is inside, I was expecting for some toys for sale but there is only few booths inside, most stores are for cosplay accesories. The lighting inside is not that good so I need to use flash, alot of peeps inside as well. Cosplay games, events and booths inside. Honestly I enjoyed taking photos outside because of the light and there's alot of cosplayers outside than inside the megatrade hall.

Anyways I enjoyed every cosplay event that I am attending because I am a big anime fan, got to meet friends and also the toy sale. Left the event around 5:30pm becuase of the FHM event at Robinson's Galeria.

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