Tuesday, October 27, 2009

* Nike Hyperize AP

I just recently bought my Nike Hyperize AP or Hyperize Philippines Edition, I can say that I am really a fan of Philippine inspired items like my adidas Philippines track jacket and this shoe. It's been a while since I bought a basketball shoes and the last kicks that I bought was a black high cut Chucks. Since I do play basketball alot, I decided to buy one. Some of my friends told me to just get the Class A ones at Greenhills or Metropolis but of course the quality is still the subject here. I saw the price at the Nike store and it cost around 7.2k so I tried checking ebay.ph and I found a seller who is selling it (brand new) for 5.8k only. Before I deal with the seller, after a basketball game at Starmall Alabang me and a friend checked out if there is a fake version and good thing there is none. I contacted the seller and we met at Trinoma.

5 extra lace

My review for the shoes is it very light and comfortable. Since I do jum alot, this shoes is right for me. I like the design and the free 5 extra lace with 5 colors (green and yellow, green, yellow, blue and red). I chose the hyperize than the hyperdunk because of the design and the color. I'm starting to get addicted to shoes now and planning to buy another one this December.


Nicole said...

My husband who is just 37 years old loves Nike basketball shoes. I would have really gone for these shoes, if I would have seen this blog before. My next purchase will be these shoes.

So I just ordered NIKE HYPERMAX TB shoes for him from shoedeals4u.com and my husband is waiting for its arrival.

Just have a look at the shoe, which have I ordered.

reachard said...

Is there a Nike Hyperize AP in shoedeals4u.com? I really like this model because of the colors just like the colors in the flag of the Philippines :)