Thursday, October 22, 2009

* UNO Party at Aquaknox 10.22.09

I swapped my Tuesday off for a Thursday off for this event, The UNO Party for Facebook Fans at Aquaknox Restaurant in Makati. It's been a while since I attended an UNO event. The event was sponsored by Neo Laptop, San Mig Light, The Bar, Basketball TV and more. The party is different compare to previous UNO Parties where the cover girl will be introduced but this time it's just a party for UNO supporters. I am with my friends Robin, Vince and Carlo in the said event, it's open bar so San Mig Light is free from 9pm - 11pm. Internet connection is also free and the everyone ca surf the net through the strong WiFi connection in Aquaknox. Editor In Chief RJ Ledesma is there and said thank you to all who came, the event has games like beer drinking contest and raffles.

Me and my friends won a gift pack from the Bar and a Body Natur gift pack which is a hair removal for man (awch).
Saw some friend in the event and some personalities like Congressman Dan Fernandez and BTV's Lia Cruz. Got some UNO back issues (Cindy Kurleto and Celine Lopez). Took a few photos and the party ended around 12:30am. Went to Shakey's near A.Venue to eat afterwards.

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