Saturday, October 10, 2009

* My 25th Birthday | Collecticon 2009

2009 for me was really a blast, a lot of things had happened good and rough times especially when it comes to love. Weeks before my birthday came, I was thinking a lot on how to make it special and different, I thank God that he helped me because budget was short and a week before my birthday they offered OT's to the employees and I took advantage of it, so there problem solve :)

me, Clet, Mommy and Mhond

Previous years that passed I was always spending my birthday with a special someone but this year it's different, different but I was still happy because it's been a while since me and my family went out together. We had a family lunch at Gerry's Grill at Alabang Town Center and after lunch my brother (next to me) and my Mom went to Makati while me and my youngest brother went to Robinson's place Ermita for the Collecticon 2009 event where I was able to shop toys as a birthday gift for myself. I was able to buy the 5 shinkenger for 1,500 from 2,500 and a Figma Kanu Unchou from 1,500 to 1,300 so total damage is 2,800 which is not bad.

Kanu Uncho and my Shinkenger Set

We arrived around 3pm, meet my friend Ralph and we took some photos of the toys. In the Maxicollector booth Alodia and her sister Ashley was there and we are able to have some photos with them. Cosplayers are few in the event and the event really focused on toys. Glad to see familiar faces in the events that includes bloggers, photographers, cosplayers and friends from forums.

Left Robinson's Place around 7:45pm and went to SM Mall of Asia to meet an old friend from PeopleSupport Sheng, just hangout at Starbucks and then went home.

I was really happy and overwhelmed from the greetings that I got personally, thru text and online on my birthday and people remembering it is already enough as a gift. Well my birthday wish is for a better and stronger me. Lessons have been learned in the previous year and there is still a lot of things to learn, I can say I am happy and contented and enjoy what I have right now. I'll focus on my work, sports and events. Now I believe that everything comes back to us (good or bad). I'm really thankful that I have God, my family and friends specially those who was there during the rough times. Hope on my next birthday it would still be the same as today, simple but happy.

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