Friday, October 16, 2009

* Moonstar88 at Mag.Net BHS

My friend Tere texted me the gigs for October and since my off is during Tuesday and Wednesday there is only one gig that I can attend which is the gig at Mag.Net BHS 10.14.09, I texted my friends to come and watch but there is only three of us came (Tere, She and Me). The three of us met at Glorietta then we went to BHS to have coffee first and chit-chat while waiting for the gig to start which is 10pm.

The gig is for a cause and there's 5 or 6 bands that perform that night. Moonstar88 sang 2 new songs, Migraine and my request Panaginip then Senti :)

Maysh, She, me, Pao and Bhert

I was really happy because they can only plau 3 songs and they still played my request as a birthday gift for me.

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