Wednesday, October 21, 2009

* FHM Issue #1

I started buying FHM and not collecting yet during July 2006 because I'm hearing alot about the 100 sexiest FHM magazine and I got curious ang got one (July 2001). I can say it's really rough during my college days because I can't buy the monthly issues of FHM because of the projects, food and of course computer games addiction. When I started working and I am earning money already, I started buying the monthly issues and started to backtrack the issues that I missed. I was able to complete my FHM issues from 2002 to the current issue and recenlty just got my 2001 set. Last week on my way to a gig in Mag:Net BHS I dropped by in Glorietta then checked this particular Magazines store in the Ayala MRT station where you can find old Maxim, UNO and FHM magazines. Then I was shocked and show they have the 1st ever issue of FHM which is in Mint condition, it cost 1.5k which is cheap compared to the one's in ebay where they sell the #1 issue for 5k. Eventhough it's not in my budget, I bought the magazine as soon as possible and I'm happy because it's really a collector's item. Imagine the issue was published way back March 2000 and it's already October 2009.

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