Wednesday, October 21, 2009

* Mika Lagdameo-Martinez's Gourmet Pao

Who is Mikaela "Mika" Lagdameo-Martinez? well I'm sure most of us is familiar with her commercials in the previous years like Skin White, Century Tuna, Nesvita Pro Digestion, Pond's Flawless White, Greenwich and more. She was also into modeling and started in the age of 15. Been through the cover pages of popular magazines like MPH, Candy, Rogue and more. Now at the age of 24 Mika is into the business, I can say that I am really a fan of her way back and I was able to follow her in, I read her tweets bout one of her business which is Gourmet Pao's which is a siopao but not the ordinary one's because it's 3x larger than the regular size with different flavors. I got interested because I'm seeing and hearing positive feedbacks so I told myself to try and order so I texted the number that she gaved me and order a box with assorted flavors. I picked up my order and it was Mika personally who gaved me my order, I can say I was really happy and starstrucked cause as I've said I'm really a fan and I was able to talk to her in person, Mika was really nice and I was also lucky to have my Rogue Magazine signed and have a photo with her.

Mika for Rogue Magazine

me with Mika

By the way per box (6 pcs) cost 600 pesos which is really affordable because the siopao's are really big. I ordered the box with assorted flavors. My family liked it and especially my Mom, she told me that we should order again for this coming Christmas and New Year, me as well liked it because it's delicious, unique and affordable. I would definitely recommend it.

For interested with Mika's Gourmet Pao's below are the varities of flavors

Bob's Queso - Bacon and Cheese
Tuna Dekada - Spicy Tuna, Egg, Capers and Cheese
Dancing Queen - Cheese, Ham, Egg and Bacon
Manuquini - Chicken and Egg
Seven Treasures - Chorizo de Bilbao, Pork, Chicken, Bacon, Cheese, Egg and Bologna
Chucho - Cheese, Ham and Chorizo
Sosy-Sig - Pork Sisig and Egg
Sea-Sig - Bangus Sisig and Egg

Available in Mini Size:
Mini-Bob - Bacon and Cheese
Mini-Moo - Corned Beef and Egg
Mini-Quini - Chicken and Egg
Sosy-Sig - Pork Sisig and EggSosy-Sig

For inquiries and orders, please call/text/email
+639175377726 (0917JESSPAO) |

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