Monday, August 31, 2009

* Kamen Rider "The First"

I was really a sentai fan and mostly the sentai groups like shinkenger, dekaranger and more. My youngest brother is the one who is really into Kamen Rider. He's is downloading the episodes and movies just like what I do with my sentai stuff. I was really not into kamen rider before, I can still recall when I was a kid I love watching Masked Rider Black in channel 13 and 5. I had my first kamen rider toy when I was in 2nd year highschool but had my first bioman toy when I was 7 years old. Anyways recently I started watching Kamen Rider series and started to buy toys as well, I bought a Kamen Rider kiva Vinyl.
Well my blog is about the first Kamen Rider I've watched and I can say I liked it and recommends it. The film star is Masaya Kikawada as the main character Takeshi Hongo. First saw Masaya Kikawada in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as the turtle guy. Thru research the movie was shown december 2005 and saw it after 4 years lolz.

The movie is about Takeshi being being kidnapped by the group Shocker (Sacred Hegemony Of Cycle Kindred Evolutional Realm) and turning him into an inhumanoid (kamen rider) gaved him the nickname "Hopper" he gained super strength and has a mission to do and that is to kill all those who have seen's Shocker's Inhumanoid soldiers. However her remembered he was human and has forgotten his mission, he was called traitor because he doesn't want to follow the orders from Shocker instead he fought them. Shocker sent inhumanoids to finish him off and created a new inhumanoid (Hassei Takano) Hayato Ichimonji another hopper to finish him but in the end became his friend and ally to save the girl that they liked.

I can say the story of this Kamen Rider movie is really good, what I liked it they fight without their helmets

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