Monday, August 24, 2009

* Terno Inferno at SaGujio

It's kinda late for me to blog about this, it's one of my pending blogs because my PC had some problems and it took me a month to have everything fixed..Anyways this is about the gig at SaGuijo last July 18, 2009. I can say when I saw Up Dharma Down played during the 5th Anniversary of SaGuijo last May 2009 I told myself that I wanted to watch the band's next gig so I searched the net and saw that they will be playing again in SaGuijo. Last time I watched them the band only played 3 songs which is so "bitin", after the gig I started to listen to their songs and appreciated it and liked it specially the new album Bipolar.

Arrived at SaGuijo around 10pm and it's Ang Bandang Shirley who is playing, I haven't listened to them at first but I can say I liked their songs as well, next is Musical-O followed by Sleepwalk Circus which is also a good band and finally Up Dharma Down. Entrance is only 150 bucks with one free beer, my 150 bucks was really worth it great music and place. Up Dharma played alot of songs including my favorite song from the old album "Oo" had an oppurtunity to have a photo with Armi (vocalist) as well. Looking forward watching them play again.

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