Monday, August 24, 2009

* Finally my N95

Finally I got my Nokia N95 repaired from the Nokia repair center it took 2 weeks for me to get the fone and it cost me 4.3k *awww* anyways I'm happy to get my phone back..The phone is really valuable to me because it's the most expensive gadget that I bought (33k) when it was released 2007 so instead of buying a new one I just decided to have it fixed. The keypads are also replaced so it's like new and I've decided to cut my nails regularly to avoid scratches on it. I also learned to stop playing with the slide because it would cause a problem in the keypad and in the display. When my n95 had some problems I decided to get a cheap fone and got one at Alabang Town Center for 1.5k and of course it's not colored but I loved the flashlight and it's light. Anyways now I've learned to take care of my things specially wit my gadgets cause I know it would cost me a lot.

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