Saturday, August 8, 2009

* FHM August Signing at Robinson's Place Manila with Paw Diaz 08.08.09

I was informed that the FHM signing for August will be held at Robinson's Place Manila, I wasn't able to attend the Comic Convention at SM Megatrade Hall because I was still tired and sleepy from my activities from the previous day. I left the house around 4pm and the traffic was really really heavy from Alabang to Sucat. I arrived in Manila around 6pm.

With my feedback about the signing for August, well I can say it was really disappointing specially for us FHM fanatics who attends the signing monthly. The signing was held in the SUpermarket area and it was really really small, there's alot of peeps who wanted to take photos and is really giving a hard time for peeps who's lined up and waiting for their turns to have their FHM signed. The security was also strict and the guy who is in charge of taking photos of the fans is not that knowledgable in taking photos. It was really not cool, me and some friends just had our magazine signed and had our photo taken with Paw then left right away after the event. Hoping they can work on it for September.

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