Tuesday, August 11, 2009

* Rockovery 08.10.09

When I attended Moonstar88's gig at Mag:Net last August 5, Herbert (guitarist) asked me to come to this event for our friend Jepoy. He said there would be bands and auctions and it's all for a cause. The event was held at Sazi's formerly Mayrics Bar at Espana in front of UST and it's my first time to go there.

Got there around 10pm and good thing the event has not started yet, Entrance is 200 bucks (not bad) and the food and drinks at Sazi's are very affordable. Beers for around 35 pesos only and food prize is around 50 - 200 bucks. Saw my friends from the Moonstar88 list She, Tere, Tin and Gio in the event. Aurora is the first band that played followed by Acel and her band then Hale, Moonstar88 and lastly 6 CycleMind. It was really a cool event specially the items that's for auction, Champ's (hale) signed guitar pick was bought by a friend for 300 bucks, Bon's (moonstar88) Vans bag with 3 Moonstar88 CD for only 500 pesos and more.

It was a cool event and of course it's for a cause. Peeps enjoyed the gig at the same time they helped Jepoy's family. Hope there would be more event's like this.

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