Saturday, August 8, 2009

* Happy Friday | Moonstar88 at Saguijo 08.07.09

I wasreally excited for this day because we had a basketball game with our company and luckily we won against our opponent it was a close fight against the yellow team and good thing we are able to win. I was the highest scorer for our team and I was so happy. After the game I went home to rest a bit, went online to check my twitter and facebook account. I didn't sleep because I know I'll have a hard time waking up, I just endured the sleepy feeling and prepared for the gig at Saguijo around 6pm. Arrived at Saguijo around 10pm because of the traffic and saw my friends from the Moonstar88 Mailing List (Apol, Tere and She) I was able to take photos again of the gig. Went to Greenbelt after the gig and bought some coffee then went home around 4am and rest.

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