Sunday, June 14, 2009

* FHM June 2009 Signing with RR Enriquez

It's start of the month and of course a new FHM autograph signing again, I was really excited because the cover girl is RR Enriquez and it would be my first time to meet her in the flesh. I missed the first one during her Maxim Event at Dolce (I have work). The fhm event was held at Robinson's Galeria as always. I arrived around 5:30pm and it was really really traffic because of the skyway 2 construction and at the same time it was raining every once in a while. It was fun to meet new and old friends in the event. Finally RR arrived and she was really nice and pretty. She signed my FHM copy and said thank you. I said sorry to her for not be able to attend her Maxim event before and she said "whyy naman?" I told her I have work kasi.

For photos, click on the link below:

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