Wednesday, June 24, 2009

* For Bro. Ceci

May you rest in peace Bro. Ceci, we will be missing you during the DLSU games and your stories. I'm really glad that I met someone like you, a true La Sallian by heart and soul. Animo La Salle. We will definitely going to miss you. Thanks for everything!

I can still recall this photo. This photo is the 1st time I watched the Shakeys V-League games live and started taking photos of the game. The game against DLSU and UST and also the 1st time I met Bro Ceci also taking photos of the game. I called this photo "Bro Ceci in Action"


Emperor.Kaizer. said...

Sabi ni utol, sa DLSU-D brother's house siya namatay. Any truth in that parekoy?

reachard said...

yep that's true bro