Sunday, June 14, 2009

* Urbandub at Alabang Town Center 05.31.09

The last time we went to Alabang Town Center, we saw the banner that Urbandub will be performing again in there for the 4th time. I was able to watch the 1st and 2nd time but I missed the 3rd one. Donna went to our house around 1pm. We don't have any plans for that day but to hang out but I wanted to watch Urbandub and go out but the rain is really hard. We left the house around 4:30pm and went to ATC. The venue of the Urbandub mini concert was moved inside because of the rain outside. I have work at night and I decided to skip work and called in to be sick. The mini concert started around 7pm and The Ambassadors played first then followed by Urbandub. They sang alot of songs including Sailing, Gone, Fight is Over and more. I was able to take good shots as well.

After the Urbandub gig we decided to eat at Mexicalis and damn I was so full, it was our 2nd time to ate at Mexicalis and the 1st one was January 2009 at Greenbelt. After dinner we bought tickets for Terminator Salvation, I'm not a Terminator fan but I can say I liked the movie. Movie ended around 12:30am and good thing the rain has stop and we decided to go home and rest.

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