Saturday, July 3, 2010

* Unleashed: Digital Photographer Philippines 4th Year Anniversary

It's my first time to attend a DPP or a photography event, I joined the forum a year ago to get tips and ideas with photography and I can say I did learned a lot. Some of my friend are coming to the said event and I saw the program/seminars and the line up was really nice and take note it's free, all you have to do is to get the latest issue of DPP to get a pass.


long line outside 8am

I have work the previous night so I slept for two hours and went to Fully Booked BHS, I arrived around 9am and the line was already long, I got my stub and my number is 242. Too bad some of the class that I wanted to attend was full but I was able to attend the other class as well (standing).

The registration started around 10am and when I got in they asked me to select which classes I wanted to join I selected Jo Avila's Light Painting, Raymond Isaac's The Real Approach to Fashion Photography in the Digital Age and LIVE shoot with Pilar Tuason. It was really happy I was able to have my lens and camera cleaned as well for free.

Lighting Painting is the first class I've attended and the class is about taking photos using flashlight as your brush or external flash, I've learned a lot with this class and planning to try it soon with my toys and action figures.

After the Jo Avila class we had lunch at Market Market then went back to attend other classes for Portraits by Pilar Tuason, Fashion by Raymond Isaac, Live shoot and the class with Xander Angeles. It was a fun and learning experience and at the same time seeing my other friends in the said event who are also into photography.

Live Shoot with Pilar Tuason

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