Monday, July 12, 2010

* MK Victorino

MK Victorino born February 25, 1990 started modeling when she was 18 and is also a Playboy Playmate as Sky Aisuru. She was the featured Playmate for the month of April 2010. MK graduated at Miriam College and took up Major in English and believed it or not that she worked as teacher. She has several tattoos as well in her body. It was my first time to meet her during the last Playboy Press con and I can say she was really nice and very friendly. I was able to ask few questions to her

* What made you decide to Pose for Playboy?
I've been with Playboy since July last year, I became familiar with the staff and how they are as a company. Its like family there! I know I'll be comfortable in the shoot, so I decided to agree to do it and become an official ambassadress of Playboy.

* So how was it being a Playmate?
Being a playmate is one of the best things that happened to me! Haha! I never knew of the perks that would come along with it. But now I'm tyrna get used to the VIP treatment. :)

* Reaction from your friends and people who knows you after seeing the magazine?
- When they saw the magazine, they said it looks classier than any other men's magazine. Well, what can I say, it is international after all :) They were really proud of me!

* After college I've heard that you work as teacher?
Yea I did work as a teacher for a while. Well since when I worked, I still didnt have my diploma then, I had to submit all my lesson plans to my head teacher haha. I do have a heart for kids and a wild passion for finding self growth through work. :)

* So how was it (working as a teacher)?
It has always been fun teaching. Seeing kids after 10 months with better communication skills and socialization leaves me overwhelmed! :) Even if I had to go through chasing them everyday. Haha!

* Good thing your parents was very supportive when you posed for Playboy?
- My parents didnt really know that I posed at first. They found out a month after. They are very supportive now! But yea, I had get the 1 week nagging of dad. Haha!

* The shoot was very classy, are we going to see more classy shoots like that in the future?
YOU DEFINITELY WILL!!! I'm so excited for the fashion editorial shoot and hmmm I might just have a surprise for everyone by the end of the year :) Big smiles! Hahaha! :)

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