Thursday, July 22, 2010

* Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series

My Gold's gym card :)

Supplements I've used

A friend of mine suggested for me to try the latest Nitro-Tech product which is Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series, I've tried Weider's Megamass 2000 and 4000 and also Met-RX Size Up but I can say this one worked for me. There's is a privilege in the office where we can enroll at Gold Gym with of course a big discount so me and some friends took advantage of it and at the same time I bought the product. I've heard good feedbacks from the web and from my friends. I bought mine at Cash and Carry mall 4lb for 3000 pesos and mall price is around 5k-6k. The taste is good (Chocolate Flavor) compare to Met-Rx Size Up and it melts easily, best to combine with milk. For my first 7 days I gained 5lbs and after 2 more weeks another 7lbs of course with heavy workout program, complete sleep, vitamins and I eat more compared before. The 4lbs has a free shirt as well that has a Muscle-Tech logo in front of the shirr size "L" and it's too big for me (for now). For one month use I gained 12lbs from 145lbs to 157lbs which is really not bad. Will definitely be using and recommending this product.

From 125lbs - 157lbs

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