Wednesday, June 30, 2010

* The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

It was my off and at the same time holiday here in the Philippines because of Noynoy's inauguration a the same time the much awaited movie Eclipse can now be watch in cinemas. As expected there would be a long line, long wait and worst is sold out tickets for the 1st day. I really wanted to watch this movie. Anyways we got our tickets around 4:45pm for the 11pm show so it's really a long wait but better than nothing.

This part of the Twilight saga tells how Victoria created an army of new born vampires to have her revenge for the Cullens and Bella. With all of the Twilight movies so far I like this one because it has more action specially the part where the Wolves and the Cullens unite to fight the new born Vampires and at the same time more werewolf members this time that includes Lia and Seth Clearwater. Enough of the spoilers of course reading the book would provide complete details of the story but the movie still made us see or visualizes what happened in the book. For me it was a good movie and looking forward for the next one.

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