Friday, July 16, 2010

* FHM 100 Sexiest Party 2010

It's my first time to attend a 100 sexiest FHM party and a good friend Vince gaved me a ticket for the event. As expected there's a lot of people mostly guys are falling in line outside World Trade Center. We are able to get inside around 8:30pm. There's alot of booths inside for GBX, Premiere Condom, Citizen Watch and RRJ. Beers are also being sold inside 50 bucks per can. The set up of the stage is for me not that good because for us Non-VIP ticket holders we can only see part of the stage because photographers are in front of the stage taking photos. So what we could only do is just watch in the big screen, I didn't put an effort to take photos in front because it's kinda hot in the venue because there's a lot of people. Bad thing as well is two of my friends and I've heard other people including models had their fones stolen in the said event.

The show was fine and the ladies, models and celebrities walk and ramp in the stage. There is a magic trick performance which is also part of the show. Iwa Motto, Sam Pinto, Saicy Aguila, Premiere Vixens and more ramp in the stage and lastly FHM's 2010 #1 in the 100 sexiest women in the Philippines came from above the stage in angel wings non other than Angel Locsin.

Too bad I wasn't able to take photos during the fashion show but I was happy to see my friends in the said event, wasn't able to attend the after party at LAX because I'm also not feeling well. Hopefully a better stage set up next year. Congrats FHM :)

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