Wednesday, July 22, 2009

* Zambales Trip

This blog is kinda late because it's already July, I was so busy in the past few months and had some problems with my net connection and with my PC. Well we went to Zambales May 1 - 3, I was just asked by a friend/teamate at work to join them and at the same time for me to able to take photos. It's my 1st time in Zambales and we went stayed in Crystal Beach, during that time there are no big waves for surfer peeps but I can say the resort is crowded and the place is nice. I was able to take photos of the place, I felt out of place at first because I was with 4 couples with their kids and I am the only one who doesn't have a party tsk.. Anyways I can say I had fun, I tried surfing at Sitio Liwa Liwa the place was a 15 minute drive from Crystal Beach resort and the waves their are better than the ones in Crystal Beach. I can say I enjoyed surfing and wanted to try it next time. Anyways here's some of the photos I took, hope you liked it.

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