Monday, February 2, 2009

* Tekken cosplay shoot at Rainforest Park Pasig

I was just invited to join the shoot by a fellow cosplay photographer Zell. It was a Saturday and call time was 10am at Gateway cinema area, so after my friday night shift I slept right away to get some sleep and set my alarm at 9:30am and the thing is I woke up 10:30am so I hurried to gateway mall. Glad they waited for me and there are some coslayers and photographers who are also late. I grab a bite at KFC first and then wait for the others, we take a cab and went to Rainforest Park in Pasig and it was my 1st time there, got lost because taxi driver don't know the place. When we arrived there we wasn't able start right away because according to the park's management we still need to get a permit and so Zell and Gian went to the city hall to get a permit for us to start the photoshoot.

Around 4pm we already started *at last, damn there's alot of people watching us and a lot of kids as well. Rainforest Park is really a nice place and it's a place to visit, too bad is far though. Shoot ended around 6:30pm and it's already dark and I still have work at 10pm.

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