Wednesday, February 11, 2009

* Moonstar88 @ 19East Bar and Grill

Ever since I'm really wanted to go to 19East because I saw that the performers in the bar are all known and famous when it comes to thier music..Name it Mojofly, Freestyle and more. I'm always checking the moonstar88 multiply site for the bands gig and I saw they will play at 19east and the good thing is it's my restday. Together with mayonaise, itchy worms and two other bands Moonstar will play there. So me and my girlfriend decided to meet at Festival Mall Alabang to grab a bite then went to 19East. Place is really nice, free Wifi and ambience is good. We arrived early and decided to watch a movie in my Ipod to kill time.

Around 10pm we decided to go inside the music hall. Entrance is 150php which is not bad. We watched all the bands except for itchy worms because it's already late, I think it's around 2am already and we decided to go home. Glad to see my favorite band play again and I managed to take photos of them.

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