Thursday, September 23, 2010

* Resident Evil: After Life

After years of waiting for this movie, finally I was able to watch it. I'm a big fan of the game since Playstation 1 days and also the movie. This time Alice (Milla Jovovich) returns again for Resident Evil: After Life. The movie is also available in 3d version by the way.

The movie as always has tons of zombies infected by the virus but guess what Chris Redfield is featured in this film portrayed by Wentworth Miller also known as Michael Scofield of Prison Break. Chris and sister Claire got together in this sequel after being separated for years. Alice still on her pursuit to destroy Umbrella together with her clones and six months later tried to locate "Arcadia" or the promise land because it was told to be a safe area somewhere in Alaska but no one was there but instead she found Claire. Together Alice and Claire went back to the Los Angeles and found survivors in a prison, there they found Chris Redfield. Zombies were able to go inside through the sewers so Alice and company tried to escape and went to the real "Arcadia" which is a ship. In Arcadia they found a lot of survivors who where supposed to be subjects for experiments for Umbrella. There they found Albert Wesker and beats him. Wesker tried to escape and tried to detonate Arcadia but Alice however transferred the bomb in Wesker's jet. Alice and company where able to free the survivors in the end. The movie ends where a lot of Umbrella choppers are on their way to Arcadia and now I don't know what will happen next, still needed to wait for a year or two for the sequel.

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