Thursday, September 9, 2010

* Playing For Pizza - John Grisham

Finished another book after reading For One More Day and this time it's John Grisham's Playing for Pizza. I'm a fan of John Grisham's books and movies based on his book and most of all are about laws, lawyers, trials, juries, court and more. I was able to drop by at a book store and saw this book. Read the summary and I was amazed that this book is not about the other Grisham's books because this one is about sports.

The book is about a NFL Quarterback named RickDockery who made a lot of mistakes in their AFC Championship game that made the Cleveland Browns losing the game and missing their first Super Bowl appearance. People called him Goat/Choker, Rick was cut from the team and everyone is mad at him. No one wanted to sign him as a player and he is to young to retire, Arnie his agent helped him and as a last resort he was offered to play in Italy for the Parma Panthers. The story goes on and how Rick became a better player and loved the game and his teamates.

Another good read :)

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