Saturday, September 18, 2010

* Muay Thai 101

It's been months that I am planning to try "Muay Thai" or the "Art of Eight Limbs", Eight limbs becauseof the usage punches, kicks, elbows and knees. This self defense originated from Thailand 400 eyars ago, some calls it Thai Boxing.

There is a Muay Thai gym near in our place and some of my friends in the gym have tried it as well and they said that it was not easy. I got curious and asked a friend of mine to also try it and he obliged. Meet Ken a Muay Thai practitioner for more than 2 years but he started with boxing then shifted to Muay Thai. He first taught us the proper stretchings. Next is the background and history of Muay Thai then we proceeded to the proper "Muay Thai Stance" and it's purpose, I can say that it's really not easy and hopefully I'll get used to it. Next we proceeded to the movements while in Muay Thai Stance (sidewards, forward and backwards) and finally we proceeded to the basic punches (jabs and straight), I thought that punching was just swinging your arms with full force, it looks very easy when your watching it in the UFC but really it's not. Sir Ken put hand wraps in our hands and we put some gloves. tried the jabs and straights in the punching bags. It was a fun experience but sincewe are newbies it felt awkward being watched by the other practitioners. Looking forward for the next session and hopefully looking forward to learn more and get better.

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