Sunday, October 31, 2010

* Haunting Pleasures: FHM Premiere Vixens Victory Party

Finally it's time to choose who will be the Ultimate Premiere Condoms Vixen. Event was held at LAX near SM Mall of Asia. It was down to 6 Finalist Paulene So, Sofie Garucho, Christine Marquez, Karen Bordador, Jahziel Manabat and Abby Poblador. It was my first time at LAX and I can say they are kinda strict with everything, they won't allow you to enter if you don't have an ID, DSLR's are not allowed and more. Place is kinda small for an event but for just a regular night out or party I can say it's fine. Event started a bit late and they had some games where a sexy dance contest for guys with two girls dancing with them, our friend Vince was really unlucky we all pointed at him and he was invited to join. Lucky he won because we are screaming "Take it Off" and the girls removed her shirt, unbuttoned his jeans and lowered it down and damn we are laughing and screaming out loud and of course he won.

Then finally the moment everyone is waiting for is the fashion show, all contestants who joined the search for the Ultimate Vixen was there except for Jem Milton. Kitty Girls performed and after that the finalist had a short sexy fashion show in their lingerie. The announcement of awards came and Sofie won as the most daring Vixen, and Jahziel and Abby won the sexiest curves. Now everyone is holding their breathe and waiting for the announcement of the winner, everyone was in shock when they announced that it was 3 way tie, everyone was like "What?" but anyways congratulations to the winners Christine, Karen and Paulene. Afterwards we went out and just hang out and grabbed some food at Shakey's Makati Ave. It was a nice and funny night and everyone went home laughing because of Vince.

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