Saturday, October 16, 2010

* Muay Thai [day 2]

After a month finally I was able to go back to the Muay Thai gym and train. It was a friday and also my off. My agenda for the day was to train (Muay Thai) and lift weights but I failed to do the weight lifting part because I got tired with the Muay Thai training.

I arrived arround 1pm at Strikers Muay Thai Gym (San Pedro, Laguna) and saw Ken (trainer) and also familiar practicioners. People in the gym are really nice and they do share their techniques and gave some tips about Muay Thai. Since I just had lunch I decided to rest first, after a few minutes a Hybrid Yawyan practicioner from Quezon City arrived and wanted learn some Muay Thai combos for his incoming match this December. What I did was just watch for the moment. Master Ray arrived and I just recently learned that he is a former member of the Philippine Team, National and International Muay Thai tournament winner and also fought in the URCC (1-1 record) and he is also a Pastor. He was a nice guy and motivates everyone who trains in the gym, he also teaches Muay Thai in different gym and Elorde Boxing gym in Starmall Alabang. After a few minutes a group arrived who also trains in the gym regularly, two kids around 15-17 years old will train on that day. They are Christians and they do have like a Martial Arts club in their church and they did train and do some sparring sessions.

Sparring sessions continued and I just watched because and took videos since I was just new with Muay Thai, for now just Jabs and Straight punch is all I know and I can't wait to learn more (elbows, kicks and knees). It's just a light sparring session using 30-50% of the fighter's strength. I was kinda nervous with this part because I know you will get hurt but according to Master Ray sparring sessions is the best way to overcome fear with fighting. Sparring sessions ended around 4pm and now it's my turn to train. First is the warm up ,jumping on the rubber tires, shadow boxing, punching bags and the one on one session with the trainer 3 rounds and 5 minutes each where we practice on combos and the basic fundamentals of jabs and straight punch. I can say it was not easy and I'm gasping for air, my arms are too tired that I can't raise them anymore. i was adviced to do shadow boxing at home and to run to improve my cardio.

It was a nice Muay Thai session and I learned a lot, I got my own hand wraps and now I'm planning to buy my own gloves and punching bag. Till next session :)

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