Sunday, October 10, 2010

* 10-10-10 Happy Birthday :)

Another year has passed and now I'm a year older. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and get older for me to be able to do some things that adults can only do and now looks like it's the opposite that I don't want to get older and stay at the age of 23-25 haha.

Anyways in the past year since my last birthday many things had happened. I matured as a person and learned from my past mistakes and now I'm a better person than before. I am very thankful to the Lord with all the blessings that I received and achievements that I had.
I was overwhelmed with the greetings that I got personally, through fone and specially online. I got 200+ wall post from my friends not only in the Philippines but around the world. It was nice the some of them are people who appreciates my photos. I just stayed at home during my birthday, it was sad because we wasn't able to go out (family) just like last year for some reasons, we just ordered pizza and pasta for dinner and I'm happy that my family enjoyed my treat. My brother attended the Run for Pasig 10.10.10 and gaved me this bracelet that would be given to you once you completed the track and it was really nice, my girlfriend sent me 2 voice message in my mobile which I consider one of the most precious gift that I received and something that I would keep and cherish. It was a sweet personal message for my birthday and a birthday song that she sang herself. I never expected those from her and it really made my day. I'm not used getting gifts anymore since I grew up because of financial difficulties before so when I started working, I'm the one who just buy a gift for myself.

For this year I do have a lot of goals to accomplish and I'll do myself to finish all of my goals. I'm really thankful for God for giving me another year and for all of the blessings, for making me a better and a stronger person. Looking forward for next year and hope it would be the same like this year a simple but happy birthday :)

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