Tuesday, October 19, 2010

* Apple Iphone 4 - By Arra Castro

Me and my beloved Iphone 4

*photo by: Roj "Uncle" Miguel

Since I saw the preview of the new Apple Iphone 4 month ago, I told myself that I really want this gadget and I would get one once it's available here.

Finally last month I was able to get one for myself and I can say the price is really worth it. Phone specifications are really amazing with it's HD Videos, Music, 5 megapixel camera, games, wifi accesability anytime (YM, Chikka,Skype, Facebook and more apps) and I can even call my friend aboad using facetime.

Apple's Iphone 4 really suits me and my lifestyle, I don't get bored during my vacant time especially when I have to wait during photoshoots.

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john said...

wala na bang facebook account si arra?