Tuesday, June 22, 2010

* Playboy Philippines June 2010 Presscon

I was invited by Ally Centeno of Playboy Philippines with the launching and press con for the June 2010 issue with cover girl Dianne Sison, June 2010 Playmate/Survivor Echo Caceres, April 2010 Playmate Sky Aisuru.

It was my first time to meet Dianne Sison who is a model, singer and actress and host of Studio 23's MOG TV. She also appeared with some shows in GMA and as well the upcoming film Chasing Fire. Dianne sometimes host gaming events mostly with E-Games events. Dianne is very very friendly and approachable, intelligent and loves to do things her way like signing autographs her way.

Echo Caceres from GMA 7 reality show Survivor is June 2010's Playmate. A very talented and jolly person and is a proud Bicolana who worked as a call center agent before she joined Survivor. She is the definition of a Filipina beauty with her fair complexion and looks. Her photos in the issue was very classy and sexy. We asked her why "Echo" and she said it like because she's "Loud" and she speaks what she feels.

The issue is a good one, it features Gerry Alanguilan who is one of the Filipino Comic Artist, he also did inking for several Marvel issues. The issue interviews Neil Gaiman and Matthew Fox, also features 2010 Best Games (PC and Console) and The Simpson's very own Marge.


Anonymous said...

Naks! pa-playboy-playboy na lang si Idol. XD

reachard said...

got invited idol eh XD