Saturday, June 12, 2010

* FHM June 2010 Issue with Max Eigenmann

Max Eigenmann

After missing two FHM event finally I was able to attend again this month's FHM Autograph signing, I can say I got excited because the cover girl is new and to be honest I haven't seen her in the tube (because I don't watch the tv too much). The event was held at the Robinson's Galeria Supermarket area and I thought I will never make it because of the traffic and good thing I was able to make it by around 6:30pm. The security this time is not that strict compare to the previous signing where there are bouncers and at the same time the line is not that long.

I can say Max Eigenmann is pretty and she smiles to the person who would ask for her autograph although she's doesn't talk and like everyone says it's like she's not in the mood in signing the magazine but anyways possible she's tired from a taping or whatever and for me I am glad I had my copy sign. Keep on voting for the 100 sexiest woman at