Tuesday, February 23, 2010

* Moonstar88 GEB 2010

Poster by Angel Castro

It's been years I can say since the last EB for the listers and supporters of the OPM band Moonstar88 and recently we have decided to organize an EB so the originals or the long time listers would be able to meet the new ones so it's like a bonding thing together with the band. Original date was supposed to be February 27 but it was moved to an earlier date which is February 20 for some reasons. Anyways it was held at Tomatokick at UP Village, I arrived late (11:30pm i guess) and when I got there they are all in the studio and having an acoustic trip singing Moonstar88 songs and other OPM band's songs (Eraserheads, Truefaith, etc). After the acoustic session it's time to eat, take photos and drink. I can say the Nachos served in Tomatokick are the best (Nachos Nachos Nachos) and we drink a little because I still have work by 3am.

I was happy to see old friends that I haven't seen for years like the Bluewish Band (Marvin, Pia and Mark), Kawen, Angel and the other listers as well (JP, Jio, She, Tere, Kima, Kimie, Lani and more). Also the band itself and Thanks Pao for the food it was really delicious. It was really a nice get together event and looking forward for the next one.

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