Tuesday, February 2, 2010

* Gee [album] - Girls Generation (SNSD) Philippines Release

Finally Gee (album) is now out here in the Philippines only this year but originally it was released January 7, 2009. Gee (track) tops the chart in Korea and even set a record for being the longest time to be number 1 on KBS's musci chart show Music Bank for 9 weeks.

Track List
1. Gee
2. Way To Go
3. Dear Mom
4. Destiny
5. Let's Talk About Love

I was planning to buy this album at ebay then a friend told me that it would be out here in the market. I was hesitant of getting one because I'm thinking of the difference of the quality of photos from the Korean release then saw a friend's copy and the photos are great and event has a free poster for only 350 pesos (around $6). I finally got mine and it was really really nice my first SNSD and K-pop album :)

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