Monday, February 28, 2011

* Hilera "Kid in a Coma" Album Launch

02.26.11 | Saguijo, Makati

The last time I was at Saguijo was early last year and finally I'm back at Saguijo. This time for Hilera's 3rd album launching "Kid in a Coma". Saw the line up at the Saguijo's website and the bands listed is good and at the same time support for Hilera. Since some of my friends are not available I've decided to go there and shoot alone, I arrived at Saguijo around 8:45pm and show has not yet started, 150 bucks for the entrance with 1 free beer. I was able to get a good spot to take photos (in front and near the aircon).

Around 9pm the show has started bands played Granada, The Royals, Giniling Festival, Kamikazee, Pupil, The ButcherCons, Gaijin and of course Hilera. Show was awesome and every band performed well and the attendees are all shouting, jumping, singing and happy. It was also nice seeing Ely Buendia and Raymund Marasigan (Eraserheads) played together with Hilera.

Hilera Merchandise was also sold outside 350 bucks for Hilera Shirt, 50 bucks for two Hilera Pins and Sticker and 150 bucks for "Kid in a Coma" Hilera album. Got an album, black shirt and the pins.

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