Thursday, February 3, 2011

* Chinese New Year Photowalk at Binondo

First photowalk for the Bruno boys at Binondo Manila to catch some happening during the Chinese New Year. Me, Ken, Vince, Philip, Earl and his gf met at Binondo Church around 6:45 (was supposed to be 5:30pm).

We first went inside the Binondo Church to capture some photos there, it was a little bit hard because it's already dark so I have to use ISO 800-1600. After Binondo Church we went to the streets of Binondo, dropped by at the Bee-Tin Store to buy Mooncakes, Tikoy and Hopia. There's a mini show where there are Dancing Dragons and it's my first time to watch them. Afterwards we got hungry and decided to eat at Masuki for their special Mami and Siomai.

We also took a long exposure photo of Binondo Church then we hang out at Starbucks Binondo to relax. Got home around 1am. It was a fun experience with my friends.

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