Thursday, December 9, 2010

* Team Anj Year End Party

It's already December and of course Christmas is all in the mind of everyone. Our team (at work) recently decided to do an early Christmas team party at our friend's house at BF Paranaque. It was celebrated early because our boss is going to India with other supervisors from the company. Everyone is assigned to bring food and mine was pork barbecue.

Another nice about the party is most of my team mates just like me is into Korean music (K-pop) so we agreed to buy this shirt at Giordano with "Annyeong Haseyo" printed in the front of the shirt.

The party was suppose to start by 8:30am because my boss is leaving by 12pm, some of my team mates had a shift before the party so most of them are still sleepless. When I arrived everyone is preparing the food and gifts for the monito/monita are already ready as well. The first activity was the exchange gift, my gift are blank DVD's and I'm glad my team mate liked it. I got a Paolo Coehelo book and I was happy about it. After the exchange gift is a dance performance by the girls in our group (Spice Girls) then of course eating the food and last would be the games and drinking session.

Everyone had fun and some left early because they still have work at night.

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