Sunday, December 19, 2010

* Baguio Trip 2010

Since I do travel and enjoys it, I wanted to do it and experience it with my family. I'm already planning and thinking about this way back but because of our schedules and of course budget I wasn't able to do my plans. Finally I told myself that December (2010) would be the best month for us to go. Around November I already filed my vacation leave for our Baguio trip which is our first family bonding outside the Metro. We left Manila Thursday morning around 12:30am and arrived around 6am at Baguio riding a Victory Liner bus.

It was really cold when we arrive at Baguio and one of our concerns is the hotel reservation. Since it's morning we have decided to walk around and we saw this unique Barrio Fiesta with statues of known persons like former presidents (GMA, FVR and Cory) so we didn't waste our time and took photos there with the statues.

Former President GMA :)

Next was we visit Baguio Cathedral, we prayed for a while. We felt hungry and decided to have breakfast at Zola Cafe located at Session Road, food are great and I've noticed that there's a lot of people drinking beer during that time and they are all working in the nearby call centers. Food was great but it's a Smoking area so that's what's bothering, another good thing is Zola has free WIFI access as well. My Mom and my brother (next to me) stayed at Zola for a bit while me and my youngest brother looked for a hotel. Most of the hotels are full and would cost us 4k-5k for an overnight stay for the family so I decided to check the hotel where I stayed in during the last time I visited Baguio, the hotel's name is Belfrant I guess and it's near University of Baguio and is a little bit far from SM and tourist spots. The room are okay and cost for staying is around 2.3k which is not bad plus free breakfast, so I called my Mom and told her we could stay in that hotel so we went back to Zola picked our stuff and walked to the said hotel but on our way to Bellfrant we saw this hotel at Session Road named "Prime Hotel" and we have decided to check it out and it's better than the one that we found accessible, quality and price wise plus the view was awesome because Session Road can be viewed in the balcony of our room. Good thing about Prime Hotel is we can stay right away and not wait for the check in time which is usually 12nn - 2pm so we are able to rest for a few hours and sleep.

Our first spot for the day was "The Mansion" next was "Wright Park" where there's a lot of vendors of sweet Orange from Sagada.


Wright Park

after Wright Park we went to Minesview Park and checked out the view, foods and pasalubongs. We are able to have a photo with a Saint Bernard dog and of course it's not free. I missed the "Inihaw na Pusit" that were sold in Minesview. Our day ended having dinner at SM Baguio and it was so cold during that time. We also checked the night market near our hotel where the items are very cheap.

Day 2 (12.17.10)

We woke up early in the morning and had our breakfast, I can say that the food in the hotel is not that good but anyways our first destination is the Lourdes Grotto. As always it was a very tiring to go up but the view is worth it.

Next stop was Burnham Park where I took photos and we rented a boat. There's a lot of people in park and ukay ukay as well. After the boat ride we went to SM Baguio to have lunch.

Next destination is PMA. We had a lot of photos here and a lot of walking, We saw the new Cadettes who are running around the academy, the old tanks, helicopters and jet planes as well. There's a lot of pine trees and the Academy was really big and it's open for the public.


Around 5pm we went back to the hotel to eat then rest. Woke up around 8pm and went to SM to shop then had dinner. SM is on sale so there's a lot of people then dropped by to Starbucks and I completed my stickers but didn't redeemed my planner during that time. Went back to the hotel and I took a long exposure shot in the balcony of our hotel room which is the famous road in Baguio "Session Road".

Session Road

Day 13 (12.18.10)

We wake up early because it's our last day in Baguio and we are going home after lunch. We went to the famous strawberry farm and bought some pasalubongs and of course strawberries. Got back in our hotel around 10:30 rest and fixed our stuff then checked out by 12 noon. We had lunch at Chowking then went to the Victory Liner terminal. We are able to ride the bus around 2:30pm and arrived in Cubao around 8pm.

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