Thursday, March 25, 2010

* Revolver Productions feat Franco, Pedicab and Taken by Cars

Taken by Cars


Last time I was in Saguijo was mid last year and when I checked their website I saw that Franco has a gig together with Pedicab and Taken by Cars, so last month I filed a leave for this day and asked some of my friends to go there. We arrived around 10:30pm and as always the place is Jam packed, I wasn't able to take photos of Pedicab but the performance is really really awesome. Taken by Cars was great and so as the much awaited band Franco. It was so hot just like the Saguijo Anniversary last year and it's like Sauna inside lol and my shirt is really really wet. Had fun watching the bands, OPM rocks :)

(03.25.2010/Saguijo Cafe, Makati)