Friday, January 8, 2010

* First Basketball Injury

With my previous blogs in the previous year, I shared that I really love playing basketball but at the same time I am really prone in getting injuries by playing the game (scratch, elbows and more). This year I got my first basketball injury which is having a sprained ankle, My left foot accidentally step on a foot of a defender that made my left foot twist and damn it really hurts like hell. This is the first time it happened to men, it was really painful that I had a hard time walking. When I got home I slept with my basketball shoe still on my injured foot (they said to keep it tight) and when I woke up I can say it hurts again and the pain is really not tolerable that my hands are really damn cold and I was screaming in pain. I am sad because I skipped work, can't play with the league in our subdivision anymore where I joined and just started a week ago and it would take a week for my ankle to heal. Accidents do happen and even how cautious we are it's still unavoidable.

photo of me before I sleep

I've searched for a treatment only and this is what i had. Treatment is called RICER regime. (R)est (I)ce (C)ompression (E)levation (R)eferral for appropriate medical treatment.

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