Saturday, January 16, 2010

* Basketball Champs in our Village 01.17.10

after the game

I always join the basketball league here in our village and games are played every weekends (Sunday) so after work I rush myself to go home so I could play. Last week in a basketball game in the office I accidentally sprained my ankle and it hurts so badly. I skipped two games already (one at work and one in our village) because I really can't walk.

happy feet lol :)

Team Blue (our team in the our village) is in the championship and I really wanted to play and test my foot. I can say it still hurts, a team mate of mine taped it tightly with masking tape and it feels better. I was able to jump a little and run. I scored 5 points all in the first half and around 6 rebounds. I am happy we won 74 - 70.


toyboy said...

haha.. chard congrats.. pagaling ka!!

reachard said...

Thanks bro, para lang akong mascot dun nagtatatakbo hehe! Takits sa mga cons bro!