Wednesday, May 11, 2011

* Pacquiao vs Mosley

05.07.11 | MGM Grand Las Vegas, NV

Another Pacquiao fight again and everyone is excited, and now it's against Sugar Shane Mosley who is also considered one of the best fighters and will be remembered with his fights against Oscar dela Hoya and Antonio Margarito. This time Mosley is challenging the pound for pound king for his Welterweight title.

I've watched all of the episodes of Showtime 360 Pacquiao vs Mosley but I would still prefer HBO 24/7 (just an opinion) it showed their training and preparation for this fight.

I was happy with the fight because Pacquiao won but just like any other peoples opinion it was not that fun compared to his previous fight, everyone screamed and jumped from their seats when Pacquiao knocked out Mosley in the 3rd round. A lot of hugs, high fives and head butt warnings in this fight and Pacquiao also went down because of a push during the 10th round. I can say that it angered Pacquiao because after that he became aggressive and started fighting seriously. Mosley on the other hand didn't showed his skills because it looks like he's being cautious and even his foot work is really bad. I was expecting a slug fest but Mosley looks slow and didn't came in the ring to fight. Pacquiao won via decision in this fight.

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