Tuesday, April 13, 2010

* FHM March 2010 Issue with Bangs Garcia

Yesterday (April 13, 2010) is the schedule for the FHM March issue autograph signing. I already had my copy signed by Bangs during the FHM-X Party so I came in this event so that Iwa could sign my copy as well. Unfortunately only Bangs is there to sign the FHM March issue. Even though it's a little bit disappointing I can say I had fun because Bang is really really pretty and nice, saw my friends as well who regularly attend FHM events. The line is not that long and the event ended around 7:15pm. I really hate it when there are bouncers in the signing even though they are really not that needed in that event because they are really that strict, c'mon dude we are not in the Club for you to do security like that. Anyways hope the next event would be better.

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