Monday, May 25, 2009

* Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Kinda busy in the past few months and had problems with my net. So since I have idle time here at work and realized that blogspot is not block, it's my chance to blog again. Now I'm blogging about my favorite sentai series which is Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger or Special Police Dekaranger.

Dekaranger is the 28th Super Sentai Series, Deka in japanese stands for Detective. They are also called SPD or Special Police Dekaranger, every planet has it's own police. The story begins with Ban Akaza was transferred to the police department to become Deka Red, together with Hoji (Deka Blue), Jasmine (Deka Yellow), Sen (Deka Green) and Umeko (Deka Pink) and later part of the story came tetsu (Deka Break) and being commanded by Doggie Kruger (Deka Master) and Swan (Deka Swan) they fight Agent Abrera an Alienizer who sells arms of destructions to criminals.

This Sentai series is really cool, action and the story is amazing. I like Deka Red because of his skills specially how he uses his Magnum. Mecha are also cool because they can combine. Their base or the Deka Base can also transform into a big robot. Like Sir Raymond mentioned to me when I bought the DVD, he's right that Dekaranger is the best Sentai series of all time.

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