Sunday, May 24, 2009

* Mirai Sentai Timerangers

I just recently finished watching the 24th Sentai Series Mirai Sentai (Future Squadron) Timerangers. Prisoners Dorunero, Gien and Lila escaped from the 30th century and travelled to the 20th century. 4 cadets was sent to follow and arrest the criminals (Sion, Yuuri, Domon and Ayase). They met Tatsuya a martial artist and son of a rich businessman who doesn't want what his father wanted him to do. Tatsuya became Time Red in fighting the Londarz family and capturing all the criminals and freeze them. They started their own business called Tommorow Research to earn money while chasing the Londarz. They are with the robot Takku their navigator. They have the Time Jets from the future that transforms to TimeRobo (Alpha and Beta) and later they had Time Shadow to help them that also combines with TImeRobo to form Shadow Alpha or Shadow Beta. Later in the story they met Naoto, Tatsuya's childhood friend who became Time Fire who controls V-Rex, he is also the Captain of the City Guardians and sadly died in the end.

I can say at first the robots are not that cool compare to the other sentai series but the story was really amazing and dramatic. Kinda sad that Yuuri, Sion, Ayase and DOmon needed to return to the 30th century where they really belong.

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