Monday, August 22, 2011

* Kamikazee 11th Anniversary at B-Side Makati

August 22, 2011 is the day that the Kamikazee band celebrated it's 11th anniversary in the music industry in the Philippines.

has never celebrated an anniversary for their band and finally they did this year for the band’s 11th Anniversary for being in the OPM scene. Event was held at B-Side Makati, I was with my fellow photographer Trif and we arrived early 8:30pm I guess to get a good spot and the weather is kinda bad that day and good thing we are early because it rained hard later that night and Makati was flooded and bad news was several bands like Moonstar88 and Hilera wasn’t able to make it because of the rain and the flood.

Kamikazee Happy 11th Anniversary and more to come \m/

Anyways line up for the night are the ff. (Talata, Typecast, Gloc-9, Chicosci and Kamikazee) and below are some of the few photos I took during the gig.



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