Wednesday, June 8, 2011

* DPP On a High 5th Anniversary

It was my 2nd time to attend a DPP event. I can still recall the event last year and it was crazy. Last year I had a shift the night before the event from 9pm-6am so after my shift I went to the venue right away which is Fully Booked Boni High Street. I arrived around 7:30pm and the line was long already and I think my number was 200+. Registration started 10am so all of us waited until 10am came and it was damn hot. So I told myself that next year I would prepare for this event.

A month before the event I already filed a leave for 2 days (The night before and the exact day of the event) I woke up 4am and left the house around 5:15am and I arrived the venue around 6:15am (phew I was early) and it's better this time because the line was short (maybe because I am early). I was able to see my friends in the event and I was able to attend talks from famous photographers.

I selected the following photographers

Andre Per Hoffman / (Professional Travel Photography) - A German Photographer and was featured in Nat Geo and international magazines. Very funny guy and a very good photographer.

Manny Librodo / (When Travel Meets Fashion) - A famous Filipino Photographer who loves to travel and take photo of himself. Now he is one of the known Photographers in the world.

Raymund Isaac / (How to shoot celebrities and other headaches) - A Filipino photographer who is an expert with Fashion photography.

I was able to attend the live shoots and live judging as well. A very good photography event and I can't wait for next year.

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