Saturday, May 15, 2010

* GE Volunteer: Computer Lab Construction

It was my first time to join the GE Volunteer group in our company. GE Volunteers are people who participates with activities in helping people. The group has alot of activities, recent activities are feeding programs, Gawad Kalinga, Turtle Hatching and more. I was invited by a friend so I joined. The activity today (May 15, 2010) is helping the construction of a computer laboratory for Townsville Highschool in Bulacan. Meeting place is in the office at 5am. Shuttle and food was provided by the Project heads. We arrived the location around 7:30am even though it's traffic because of the fire incident. The project is also joined with FH (Food for the Hungry) and volunteers from GE (The Fort).

cute gloves :)

Safety instructions was discussed while eating breakfast. It was a field work and it's really hot because of the sun but we are able to finish our goal for that day. Activity ended around 2pm. It was a nice experience especially when you know you are helping other people at the same time having fun and meeting new people. It's been a while as well since my last volunteer work which with SFC (Single's for Christ). I can say I am really looking forward for the next activity :)


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